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Please pick 1 post size.
sub<>glub? i wanna say ghb and condy but im not 100% XD

you are correct on guessing GHB and condybutt uvu

I can’t remember where the name came from, but when I first saw it, i lost it laughing so hard.

Who do you ship each ancestor with?

I’ve spent a good long time thinking about this.  Outside of team nerds, i’m usually pretty vague, but with some thought i now have some definitive answers!

<3 Dualscar (thank you ttnt and zee-senpai uwu)

<3/<3< Mindfang  (is blackrom all mindfang is capable of jeez)

Gonna lump team nerds all in one-
Disc<3<><3<Signers<>(tiniest of hearts)Psii<3<Disc
(good luck reading that)
(of which these two are mutually exclusive because otherwise that’s starting to teeter on incest 8I)

Canon + <>Darkleer failrails

Sub<>Glub (even WORSE failrails)

and that about covers it. 8I

(I will be 100% willing to clarify on any of these if you can’t understand that whole jumbled mess.)

Caught a cold? Aw man, I hope you don't end up with what i got. Get better soon!

I am still coughing just a tiny bit but otherwise i have now recovered! \o/

I keep getting notifications that i’ve got a new message in my inbox, but when I check it, there’s nothing there? Is this happening for anyone else?

ASMR is a godsend. 


OC Doodle posts

Click through for fullsize uvu

OC Doodle posts

Click through for fullsize uvu

(I haven’t pixeled in so long it’s ridiculous)

(it’s so fun omg)

I'm going to be a lil poop here and go with Signless - Jesus Christ Superstar. 8D



Broken Zahhak glasses were the Signless true legacy. 

Requests are Mutuals Only!

thank you pseudo for requesting this and bonez for drawing it it is perfect

I can’t speak, but I liiiiiiiiive!

Hey, are you a nerdfighter? I'm almost certain because I'm not sure where else you could possibly get "tiny chickens." Also, bleh, colds. I hope it isn't too bad. Anyway, feel better soon!

i’ve been forgetting to keep up lately, but yes, i am a nerdfigher

the tiny chickens have migrated and are beginning to lay eggs

I’m catching a cold.