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Tommorrow I’m gonna talk to my CA about hopefully seeing the school psychologist, so I can get a diagnosis and hopefully some medication for my depression.

Wish me luck…!


So I went to see The Book of Life today…

It was really cute!  I’ve been in love with La Muerte’s design since I first saw it, so here she is. uvu

The tiniest of animations.

I have missed pixelling a bunch, and have been getting back into a vocaloid jam lately. (Sorry it’s not transparent!)

So I went to see The Book of Life today…

It was really cute!  I’ve been in love with La Muerte’s design since I first saw it, so here she is. uvu

For a good while, I was feeling halfway decent!  Most likely in anticipation for my birthday, but now..

The last few days have been really hard on me, and right now I really feel like i’m slipping.  I haven’t been able to actually do anything almost all day, from feeling ill and jittery.  I feel like it’s all crumbling in, and I don’t know why, and I don’t know what can help me right now.

If anybody has some coping methods they’d like to share, I’d love to hear them..?



This was my first time doing any serious vector work aw jeez that was harder than I thought ;u;



It’s a few hours late but happy human birthiversary to dearest pseudocon. c: Have some cuddling trollsonas. Sheesh, you two. Have some self respect and do your pale things somewhere private.

I do look forward to when we can finally squish in real life. -u- The snugs shall be plentiful and ultra high quality.

and i am several days late in reblogging the thing but i am still kind of freaking out over this

our precious dumb babies so happy and content and and poor Mendal looks so worried like Eireen almost got hurt or something and this is the subsequent aftermath ;v;

and subtle size differences and her little fin twitch and aaaaaah! ;O;  little bare feetsies and oh man i could go on and on


First time trying out iscribble with the lovely Miss pseudocon and it ended up being ceremonial OT3 markings paired with some cool scarification. c: I drew the Psiioniic, and she drew the Disciple.


this was really fun, we’ve been talking loads and loads about different ceremonial traditions, and this was one of my favorites!

And a big thank you to everyone who sent in birthday well-wishes yesterday, they mean a lot!  I’m sorry I can’t reply to them all, thank you all so much!


more inktober? Quite a few mistakes in this, sorry x_x

So, this is actually a gift for Pseudocon, cause it’s her b-day today :D Everyone should send her nice messages cause she’s precious and sweet and fuckin awesome =w= 

Happy Birthday Irene!

I forgot to check my tag yesterday oh goodness oh goodnes oh goodness ;____;

Thank you so much!!


This is a collaboration between the lovely Toastyhat and myself. Irene, we wish you the happiest of birthdays and may this year bring you many blessings :D

Thank you both so much aah i’m gonna cry you two spoil me ;;

they’re both so happy and gorgeous and oh man their patterns are breathtaking her horncuff and the necklaces  and both their hair is so fluffy and aah.

ohmygosh you have a crush? okay the rest of the ask meme questions totally get pushed to the side now, i want all the details >8Dc

Shhhhhhh no one’s supposed to know ;O;

well uh

he used to live next to me for years and years when we were little, so we’ve sort of been around each other since like, 3rd grade?  I was an absolute poop to him for years in middle school, but after all my friends sort of abandoned me last year, he’s the only one that still talks to me

he’s really nice and pretty dang smart, and he’s trying to get into West Point. ;v;  I think he can do it!